B2B Marketing News: B2B Brand Affinity, What B2B Website Visitors Want, Twitter Gets Bigger Images, & Business Video Benchmarks

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Trust and the Search for Answers: How Influence Optimizes SEO Performance

According to the annual Global Digital Overview Report from We Are Social and Hootsuite, 81{450cc9bd7bb3bcb4f2580ff3a7ee420265f1d58fbd5a394717208c6769a539f0} of internet users search online for a product or service to buy and 74{450cc9bd7bb3bcb4f2580ff3a7ee420265f1d58fbd5a394717208c6769a539f0} have purchased online. Without question, digital engagement and commerce is the new normal and is as relevant for B2B companies as it has been for … [Read more...]

Marketer’s Toolkit: 10+ New Tools To Enhance Your B2B Marketing Stack

How can B2B marketers improve their content in refreshing new ways, and also add to their stack of marketing skills? In 2021 most B2B marketers are busier than ever due to the pandemic, the challenges of remote work, and increased expectations to show results. This makes finding the time to research and locate useful new marketing-related software tools and services a challenge. Don’t worry, however, as we’ve got 10+ new or updated tools that … [Read more...]

Beyond SEO: B2B Content Optimization for Trust and Customer Experience

As the world’s most popular search engine, Google says its mission is to “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” To be the best answer for customers that are looking for solutions, B2B marketers need to understand the opportunities to make information easy for search engines to find, index, and sort in search results. A big part of optimizing the customer's search experience is understanding myriad data … [Read more...]

Hophead Marketing: What B2B Marketers Can Learn From The Craft Beer Industry

What can the wildly successful craft beer industry teach B2B marketers? From storytelling and keeping content fresh to making corporate campaigns delightfully crushable, there’s plenty the B2B marketing world can learn from taking a look at the craft beer industry and its emphasis on customer delight, engagement, and more. While the pandemic has slowed the growth of the craft beer industry with the largest disruption to the industry since the … [Read more...]

Brave New World: The Model for B2B Marketing Success, Post-Pandemic

“The new normal.” I believe that’s what we would call the opposite of a compelling lede. Nobody wants to hear that phrase anymore, I know it. While that may be the case, it’s an unavoidable truth that our world does, and will, look different in many ways following a globally disruptive pandemic. Savvy business and marketing leaders are already planning proactively for what lies ahead. They’re assessing what’s changed in the past year, analyzing … [Read more...]

Hybrid & Remote Work Trends That Will Alter The Future Of B2B Marketing

How is the shift to remote and hybrid work affecting B2B marketers? Which trends will endure in the post-pandemic marketing landscape? The dramatic shift to hybrid and remote work that has been brought about by the pandemic is set to forever alter the way B2B marketers and the organizations they work for and with do business. Let’s take a look at some of these changes, and the trends that are likely to permanently affect B2B marketers, and … [Read more...]

5 Things B2B Content Marketers Need to Know About Working with Influencers

Given the rapid increase in influencer engagement amongst B2B brands over the past year, the opportunity and impact from working with influencers has become clear, especially with influencer content marketing according to the B2BIMReport: Results - 63{450cc9bd7bb3bcb4f2580ff3a7ee420265f1d58fbd5a394717208c6769a539f0} of B2B marketers agree that marketing would have better results if it included an influencer marketing program. Always-On Wins … [Read more...]

SEO Harmony: Why B2B Marketers Need To Integrate Search With Content Strategy

Siloed and segmented SEO and content strategies work against B2B marketing success, but can they come together and work to compliment one another? The best SEO specialists can use their skills to make even the most boring B2B content shine in the search engine spotlight — for better or worse, as the case may be. The very top content creators can craft fantastic digital assets that are often able to rise to the heights of search success with … [Read more...]

5 Striking Insights On Successful B2B Marketing Engagement

How important is engagement in B2B marketing? To say that engagement plays a crucial role in creating successful B2B marketing content is an understatement, as it's how we connect with customers, and a key element in the process of building trust and the desire to continue interaction with a brand. Engagement is also a fundamental building block of content marketing, offering many innate benefits well worth the effort it often takes B2B … [Read more...]